Product Selection in eCommerce: Building a Profitable and Complementary Portfolio

The selection of products in eCommerce significantly impacts customer interest, sales performance, and overall business profitability. In this lesson, we will explore the crucial role of product selection and provide insights into building an optimized product portfolio for eCommerce success.

Complementing Your Portfolio:

  • Consider use cases, purchase behavior, and brands when selecting new products.
  • Each addition should fill a gap, meet specific customer needs, or offer a unique value proposition that aligns with your brand identity.
  • Ensure that every product complements your portfolio to add value to customers and strengthen your brand identity.

Encouraging Cross-Selling and Bundling:

  • Select products that complement each other to create cross-selling opportunities.
  • Offer complementary products that encourage customers to make additional purchases.
  • Bundle related products together at a slightly reduced price to increase order value.

Removing Non-performing Products:

  • Continually monitor product performance and promptly remove underperforming products.
  • Free up resources for more profitable products and maintain a focused and relevant portfolio.
  • Enhance the customer experience by offering high-quality products that generate sufficient interest.

Maintaining Catalog Size:

  • Find a balance between variety and catalog size.
  • A large catalog can overwhelm customers and create challenges in inventory management.
  • Strive for a diverse catalog that caters to various customer needs while remaining manageable and easily navigable.


Product selection in eCommerce is a strategic decision that influences the success of your business. By ensuring each product complements your portfolio, encouraging cross-selling and bundling, removing non-performing products, and maintaining an optimal catalog size, you can create a product selection that drives sales, enhances the customer experience, and maximizes profitability. Implement these strategies to build an optimized product portfolio and achieve eCommerce success.

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